Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Grandpa Knopp's 80th Birthday!!

My Grandpa Don Knopp turned 80 this year. We had a little party for him at the park next to the chamber of commerce. It was mostly all of my grandpas brothers and sisters and then all his kids and grandkids. It was alot of fun getting together with all my cousins. The day got really hot so we all went and got our swimming suits on and jumped off the boat docks into the river. It was a great day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

GoiNG to TwIn WiTh My BeSS FrANN..

I had to go to twin to take my CNA test and I made my best friend Taylor go with me. I went and took the test and if you have not heard yet, I PASSED BOTH THE SKILLS AND THE WRITTEN. I am now officially a CNA! We were so excited afterward that we went to my favorite place to eat, CAfe Rio. I now got TAylor addicted to it. It is so good. Of course we were so excited that after we went home we changed our clothes and went and had fun that night. We ended up going to a movie and then getting ice cream after. It was a fun day. The whole day we took a lot of pictures. WE both love to take pictures and be crazy. Nothing like having a best friend who will go with you and just sit outside the room while you have to take an hour long test and then helping you celebrate. Thanks Taylor!!!

The FourTH Of JuLY!!

For the fourth of july this year, we went up to Little Wood Resevoir. We usually go down into the woods, but this year we took our fishing boat and stayed up at the Resevoir. Jennifer and Troy's family came camping with us. It ended up being alot of fun. Troy borrowed a four wheeler from his Step dad and we had alot of fun riding around the campsite and going on trails. The day of the fourth was alot of fun. We stayed on the Resevoir the whole day. I caught the first fish of the weekend five minutes after we put the boat out for the first time. Only a few more minutes later my mom showed my little fish up with her huge fish. 6 lbs. 26 inches long. Put my little fishy to shame. During this day all three of Jennifers kids caught all of their first fish. I think it was this day that Kayden maxed out on the fish he caught too. Everybody on the boat caught atleast one fish. We all had so much fun and it was a really enjoyable weekend. Even Hummer went out on the boat and loved it. My cousin Jody brought his boat down one day while we were there and we went tubing and knee boarding. It was so much fun. The night of the fourth we had smores and did a little bit of fireworks. Just enough for the kids to enjoy it. It was the best fourth of July.

GoIng TO KayLIe'S BirTHday PArty!!

For Kaylie's birthday party, My mom and Dad picked up Ori, Jaycee, and REgie so they could go to the party too. I think Kayden had one of his last T-ball games so he couldn't make it. But when you are driving to King Hill with a car full of kids, taking pictures is the best way to pass the time away. I love taking pictures and I am so glad my neices and nephews love to take them too. We would take some and then i would put the camera away and they would say lets take more pictures. They had ideas on how to put our faces and how to pose. IT was so cute. WE took a ton of pictures that day but I chose just some of my favorite.

Kaylie looked so grown up. I could not believe how gorgeous she looked. THe kids all had so much fun. I took a picture of my dad with his three granddaughters (this was before baby Reese was born.) But of course I could never get all three girs to look at the same time. But I did get a picture of Kaylie with Papa and Nanny. It turned out so cute. I loved it.

During the party, No one could find Regie any where. Well we looked in KAylies room and of course she was being Glamorous! I love that girly!! HAd to add some of these cute pictures!


I finally did it. I graduated from high school. Geez it took long enough. But the day finally came and I am finally done with high school. The day was great. My parents, Grandma Lindsay, Grandpa and Grandma Knopp, Amber Nicole, and my best friend Taylor were all able to make it to my graduation to watch. Marc Garner who is my boyfriend and all his friends came too, Along with Elle, Kylee, Robert, and my other best friend Evelien. Evelien was a foreign exchange student this year at Burley and we became Best Friends. It was so nice for everyone to be able to come and watch as I graduated. Afterward we all went to Docs Pizza in Rupert and Celebrated with a ton of Pizza and pop.